CHOCOLATAN is the delightful combination of sweets as part of the business scene.

Originally perceived as a feminine motif, confectionery and sweet delicacies are suitable for all. We believe our products spread this idea, and can even be accepted in the business world in a fun yet appropriate manner. They are conversation starters that can bring smiles during work and to the office.

Since 2013, we have utilized Kobe’s rich cultural background of craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques.

Through the use of high quality genuine leather, we seek only to produce a realistic look of chocolate with a comfortable feel.

We tirelessly worked with top-class reputable cobblers from Nagata city, along with professional wallet and satchel embroiderers from Kobe. What was thought to have been impossible with Banshu leather, we successfully created the distinct moldings of chocolate panels in detail.

Finally in 2016, after years of refining product design, quality, and functionality of handmade genuine leather items, the CHOCOLATAN image of “complementary chocolates for work apparel” was achieved. With their rich color, realistic confectionery look, and smooth texture, each brings a playful appeal as an unorthodox yet intriguing conversation starter even within the business domain.

CHOCOLATAN continues to spread confectionery culture fashion from the Japanese business scene to the world.